Matty's Miracle Express




Matty with his mom Kathy, Dad Matt, and sister Kaylee





The following is a letter posted on May 26, 2011 by Matty's dad on his Facebook page, to his Mafia Wars friends:

First off I would like to thank you all for the support you gave us in the Mafia for Matty Superheros fight last summer. The total money raised through our events so far has been staggering and I want to see how we can pull together to keep our momentum moving forward.

As most of you know Matty lost his fight with brain cancer on March 13 of this year after 4 years of fighting. It was not due to his spirit and soul giving up but his body just couldn’t take it anymore. For his service we had asked people to make donations to the Brain Tumor Foundation For Children in lieu of flowers.

The BTFC ( helps families that are dealing with children with brain cancer with some financial assistance such as paying a bill or giving gas cards so you don’t have to worry about it as well as funding research on pediatric brain tumors. They helped us out a lot over the past 4 years and I believe it only right to help them help other families that are going through what we went through and to help fund the research that will one day cure brain tumors. I will fight brain tumors by supporting the BTFC and I hope all of you would help as well.

Ozzy called me about a month or so after Matty’s passing with the idea of making this an annual event with all of the donations going to the BTFC and I thought it was a wonderful idea. We are working on getting a web page set up with the BTFC so donations can be made directly to the charity.

I would like to ask for your help in naming the page that will be an everlasting memorial to my son. Some of the names that have been suggested so far are, “Matty’s Mind”, “Matty’s Train Ride”, “Banish Brain Tumors”, “Childrens Tumor Terminators”, “Matty’s Miracles”.

I know we have many creative people in our group and want to get as many suggestions as I can. Please message me or post on one of my status updates with suggestions.

The event in support of the BTFC will take place the weekend of July 15th and we need your help here as well. We would like to surpass the number of clans and fighters involved so that we can make it as meaningful as possible and ultimately raise as much money as we can for the cause. The more people we have in the fight the more money we raise to fight brain tumors.

Many of us have good friends in other families that we can reach out to. For example, if we have a drive by or someone is camping on you that is tagged or just a random hit from a tagged played consider it an opportunity to see if we can get their clan involved in the event. If successful contact is made please direct them or have them have the GF/GM of their clan contact Ozzy ( to get in on the event.

I preparation for the event we are actively looking for volunteers to help out. If you wish to help out contact Ozzy for more info.
I want to thank you all for supporting very noble causes that will help out so many people.

Thank you so much,

Matt Melton
[SIN] Monkey Toes

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