Thanks for the prayers Every week we pray for people, “To comfort and succor….” Sometimes we find out how things work out for them, sometimes the name goes off the list, mostly we pray in hope that their situation will improve. Many times we wonder how things turned out.

On October 28, 2002, our 3-1/2 year old son Connor had a seizure, which alerted us to the fact that he had an extensive brain tumor. After numerous tests and a biopsy it was determined to be Ganglioglioma. A tentacled mass encompassing his left temporal lobe and left hippocampus. The tumor included calcium deposits, which precluded non-invasive procedures. The only option was surgery. The best possible outcome would include “minimal to complete speech impairment”. We were told it was unlikely that they could get the whole tumor and that this would haunt him for the rest of his life.

From the first moments we realized that prayer (and lots of it) would be our strength and our hope. I called the church to make sure he was put on the list and sent out e-mails asking for prayers and positive thoughts. The response was overwhelming. Many offered to feed us, to care for Sky after school, to talk, to do anything that was needed. People from church, from daycare, from Sky’s class, neighbors, all wanted to help. This outpouring helped to strengthen us and make life a little more bearable. Connor calls St. Martin’s “God and Jesus church”. He began to ask to visit church on days other than Sunday. We would go by and someone would lend us the key to the sanctuary, or one of the priests would walk with us as Connor went through an abbreviated routine. One day Connor led Doug around by his “Rope”. Up the aisle to the front, out the side door and down the stairs to Children’s Church, all the while singing “My God is So Great!, So Strong and so Mighty, There’s Nothing MY God Cannot Do!”

Connor continued to have mild seizures that grew closer together. In the days before surgery they happened every other day and lasted up to 15 minutes. On December 12 at 9:00 am we took Connor in for the procedure. Mother Weltner and Melinda Mischick came and helped us contain him in the pre-surgery waiting area. Finally they took him away and we went to the ICU waiting area for the LONG wait. It took 8 hours. They called us every hour to let us know Connor was doing fine and Dr. Reisner was still working. Just before he finished he sent his assistant up to tell us that the surgery had gone REALLY WELL. When the surgeon came to talk to us, he said he thought he had gotten the entire tumor. The following day he had an MRI that confirmed a complete resection. Connor will not need chemo or radiation (for now). Connor was released on Sunday afternoon December 15. Except for some adjustments to the medication he has been recovering at an unbelievable pace.

We will need to go back every 4 months for an MRI to make sure there is not a recurrence. He is still on anti-seizure medication, but he is otherwise COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED. They didn’t shave his head. Most of his scar is below his hair; to look at him you would hardly know what he has been through. He has resumed most of his pre-seizure activities, and he started back at daycare this past Friday, three weeks and a day after major brain surgery.

Now you know why you have been praying for Connor, just one name on a long list of people in need. Now you know how important our prayers can be. Even if it’s just a name on a prayer list, YOUR prayer can make a difference!

Thank you all for your prayers and understanding. Thank you for the wonderfully prepared meals. Thank you for the shoulders. Thank God for answering our prayers and fulfilling our only Christmas wish, a healthy little boy!