What Is A Tumor Trooper?

  • Tumor Troopers are the countless children and families who valiantly face brain tumor disease head-on every day.
  • A Tumor Trooper is someone who supports the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children (BTFC) by helping in any number of ways – like volunteering in the BTFC office; raising funds to help us fulfill our mission; providing fun events for our kids and families; or donating to BTFC.
  • A Tumor Trooper is someone who wants to stomp out brain tumors.
  • A Tumor Trooper is a Soldier for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.

Here are some examples of how YOU can become a Tumor Trooper:

Arianna W.

In 2010 Arianna was moved by a missionary who spoke at her school about the conditions in Haiti and the need for water filters to provide clean water to Haitian residents.  Because of that speech, Arianna became determined to raise money to help provide filters for clean drinking water in Haiti AND for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, an organization she loves dearly.

By the spring of 2010, 10-year-old Arianna decided it was time for her to begin doing what she had been thinking about for some time – collecting items from her bedroom so she could sell them and make money for charity.  With the help of her close friend Kelsey, she sold her items during her brother’s baseball games and at a garage sale at her home. Arianna also decided to sell cold drinks in her neighborhood throughout the summer.

Arianna’s creativity and determination raised a total of $149.68.  She decided to split the proceeds and give $74.84 to her missionary friend (her little brother Addison donated $25.16 to make it an even $100, enough for 10 water filters) and $74.84 to the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.


Andrew L.

11-year-old Andrew held a car wash benefiting the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children in his hometown of Sarasota, FL and raised over $1,100. Andrew’s inspiration for helping children with brain tumors stems from his own battle with a brain tumor. He is determined to help other children and families just like him. His car wash even caught the attention of acclaimed sports analyst Dick Vitale as he used his own personal twitter account to spread awareness for Andrew’s car wash.


Bailey E.

Meet 15-year-old Bailey.  Now in 10th grade, Bailey has been volunteering her time each month since the 8th grade, sending a little cheer to BTFC kids throughout the southeast.  From birthday cards to holiday cards, she designs each greeting with a special sprinkling and love and care.  She does the work not just as a teen girl with a slight creative streak, but also as a brain tumor survivor, knowing how good it feels to know your extended BTFC family cares and is thinking about you.

In addition to taking time to work on BTFC’s special mailings, she has been involved with our annual run/walk for several years both as an individual fundraiser and runner.  And this year she, with her mom’s help, decided to organize a car wash at a Chick-fil-A near the family’s home in Milton, GA to help raise awareness of pediatric brain tumor disease and funds for BTFC during Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  With little planning and few hands to help wash the cars, Bailey raised just over $600.